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Crimson Eclipse

Game Summary

The duchy of Rathford has a reputation for being the most inhospitable territory of the Valelands. That didn’t stop your party of adventurers from signing on as caravan guards, looking for excitement. As you arrive in the city of Kent’s Folly, you soon realize that you have gotten much more of an adventure than you have bargained for.

Explore untamed wildernesses, darkling caverns, decaying crypts and crumbling ruins as you uncover the threat of an ancient evil. Discover a vast array of weapons and armor as you do battle with dozens of unique monsters. Learn powerful spells and master devastating combat abilities as you unmask a deadly conspiracy that threatens the Valelands.

Release Date: TBA

WARNING! This game contains descriptions of violence; depictions of alcohol/tobacco use; profanity, and other mature subject matters.

Developer Tools


We have developed an application called Sable, which allows a blind user to create their own audio game, but with no coding or scripting required. The talent and creativity in the blind community holds an incredibly vast wealth of stories just waiting to be told. Using our software, a user can create their own fully detailed worlds to explore, with complex environments, characters to encounter, enemies, quests , equipment, abilities and much more.

This will be the first ever accessible set of design tools of its kind. We have created a series of videos that demonstrate the capabilities of Sable. You can find the playlist here.

You can view Sable’s changelog here.

Although our first version of Sable will not be released commercially for the reasons we discussed on social media, you can download the Sable product demo here. Please read the instructions carefully before using it.