About us

The Ebon Sky Studios Team met through our passion for creating audio games. We are keen game enthusiasts; we wanted to combine our knowledge and experience of games from both the mainstream and audio communities to create our own high quality audio game titles. We knew we wanted to create role-playing audio games, since there is a shortage of RPG’s in the blind community. Which is fair, given how difficult it is to create an immersive story and combine it with solid game play mechanics. We want to tell darker-themed stories through our game titles, and simultaneously, create interesting game mechanics, both for exploration and combat.

Our first challenge is a lack of comprehensive developer tools to create audiogames. We know the audiogames community has a huge following of enthusiasts (such as ourselves), but also that it has a wealth of talented individuals keen to turn their own stories into professional audio game titles which can be played by other blind people across the globe. This is why we created Sable, a first-of-its-kind set of developer tools. Our developer tool set requires no coding or scripting to create an audio game title. Sable allows a user to create their own fully detailed worlds to explore, with complex environments, characters to encounter, enemies, quests , equipment, abilities and much more.

At present, there are four members of the ebon Sky Studios team. Each of us specializes in a specific area of development, allowing us to focus our own unique skills and experience into our games and tools. Paul, our Programmer from the UK; Thaddeus and Justin our Game designers from Canada and the United States, respectively; and finally, Brian from Daisy Ale Soundworks, who is our sound designer from Australia.

The Ebon Sky Studios team wants to develop interesting games and tools for all of you to play and enjoy. In addition, we want to create a vital and more active community of gaming enthusiasts. Please, if any of you have something to add to the discussion, we would love to hear from you.