Sable Alpha Download

Thank you for your interest in participating in the alpha test for Sable. Originally, this alpha test was meant to be closed to the public, but owing to the outbreak of Covid19 and the state of lock-down that the world is experiencing, we thought we would release it publically. We also figured that this release would be our way of thanking the community for all of your overwhelming support and encouragement. Before you get started, please read the following important notes:

  • This is an alpha test for Sable, i.e. it does not have all of the features and polish that it will have once it is in its finished state.
  • You will have access to this alpha test until 31 May, 2020.
  • All projects that you have created will no longer be available for use after the expiration date.
  • All of the audio assets that we have included with this build of Sable are placeholders and are to be used for testing purposes only.
  • We have limited the size of maps to 100 by 100 by 2.
  • We strongly encourage you to check out our YouTube channel as these videos can act as further tutorials.
  • We strongly encourage anyone who is interested in making videos showing their experiences with Sable to feel free to do so, but we insist that Sable and Ebon Sky Studios be credited. Furthermore, you must provide a disclaimer explaining that the version of Sable you are demonstrating is in an alpha state.
  • We do not have a release date for the full version of Sable. We want to ensure that our tools meet our strict quality standards. Furthermore, we are developing our own title–called Crimson Eclipse–that will fully showcase what Sable is capable of once it has been given that extra level of polish.
  • If you have bugs you would like to report–and we would appreciate your feedback–please submit them to
  • All bug reports submitted will be examined–and addressed–after the end date–31 May, 2020.

To download Sable, click on the link below. You will also need the following activation key: vc8e8kgz

Download Sable